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Starwars Movie PreviewCodecs have always been a problem for most users. That’s because there was never a complete solution, ready functional, that the average user could install and everything to work from the beginning, without any problems and without any settings. There are other several decent codec solutions on the Internet, but none of them stood up to my expectations. I always had to make a small adjustment to the settings. But luckily I found Win7codecs, which is probably the best free solution for playing the most popular video formats on Windows 7.

What is a codec and what is used for? A codec is a device (hardware) or a program (software) able to encode/decode a video and/or audio stream. The word “codec” comes from a combination of words, namely, “compressor-decompress” or more precisely “coder-decoder”.

Win7codecs supports video formats such as: amr, mpc, ofr, divx, mka, ape, flac, evo, flv, m4b, mkv, ogg, ogv, rmvb, xvid. But it also supports most common formats such as: wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, mov si mp4. All formats above can be opened and played with Windows Media Player without any problems and without the need to install another player.

The software includes an application for settings (Settings Application) that can be used to configure the codec. But normally there is no need for any configuration, the codec is fully functional after installation. I do not recommend changing settings, but you can do it just in case that any of the video formats can’t be played. The application is 100% compatible with the UAC on Windows 7. So the software has limited access and requires an administrator account to change the settings.

Windows 7 Codecs - Settings Application

To avoid compatibility problems and conflicts with other codecs, the installer will automatically remove all other popular codecs and solutions from the computer before installation. These are: AC3Filter Spdifer, AC3Filter, Haali MatroskaSplitter, Real Alternative, K-Lite Codec Pack (toate versiunile), Combined Community Codec Pack, ffdshow, XviD, Storm Codec Pack, XP Codec Pack, Satsuki Decoder Pack, Theorica Divx Codecs, LD-Anim, ACE Mega CoDecS Pack, MUSK Codec Pack, TTPack, Recode Media, CodecPack, Essentials Codec Pack, Xiph. Org Ogg Codecs. But that does not guarantee that all conflicts will be resolved. If there are other applications for video or audio editing on the computer, they could interfere with Win7codecs. Luckily I haven’t encountered such problems before.

Also a very serious problem is the lack of drivers for your video card. Without the video card drivers, the computer can’t play any video format. So before trying to solve the problem and to post messages on the forums, make sure that your video card drivers are installed and that they are up to date.

Another problem I encountered is the UAC itself. If you install the codec with UAC off, after installation, some video formats may have problems with the playback. In which case I advise you to always install the codec with UAC turned on, in the Default position.

So, despite the few problems that I hope I’ve helped solving them, I can only say that I am very pleased with Win7codecs and I recommend it with confidence!

The codec is developed by Shark007 and you can download it from here.


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