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Windows 8 Consumer Preview: First Impressions

After the official launch of Windows 8 Customer Preview a few days ago, we come with the first impressions about the next version of Windows. Unfortunately we didn’t had a multi-touch capable device, but we thanked ourselves with testing it in a virtual machine. To our surprise, the installation was quite quick. We managed to install Windows 8 in about 15 minutes. Considering that the virtual machine that we used had only 2GB of RAM. The installation process is relatively … Read more

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Equivalence between UNIX and Windows file permissions

For those of you who develop or deliver WordPress websites on Windows, it is difficult to get relevant information about file permissions. Unfortunately, the reality is that most servers run on UNIX or Linux enviroments, and these are well documented. We had these problems ourselves, given the fact that we chose to host our website on a less popular platform. So we decided to write an article about it and thus to help those who have similar problems. First of … Read more

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Windows 7 Codecs

Codecs have always been a problem for most users. That’s because there was never a complete solution, ready functional, that the average user could install and everything to work from the beginning, without any problems and without any settings. There are other several decent codec solutions on the Internet, but none of them stood up to my expectations. I always had to make a small adjustment to the settings. But luckily I found Win7codecs, which is probably the best free … Read more

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