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Yahoo! Messenger 11.5

Although it’s no longer current that Yahoo has released a new version of messenger, we thought to write some opinions about this subject, given that Yahoo Messenger is the most popular instant messaging tool used in our country. Yahoo has made ​​a number of improvements in version 11.5, which other platforms have for a while. Among these improvements are: Tab grouping of all the chat windows that were scattered throughout the screen. Emoticons preview for an easier search and to … Read more

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Windows 7 Codecs

Codecs have always been a problem for most users. That’s because there was never a complete solution, ready functional, that the average user could install and everything to work from the beginning, without any problems and without any settings. There are other several decent codec solutions on the Internet, but none of them stood up to my expectations. I always had to make a small adjustment to the settings. But luckily I found Win7codecs, which is probably the best free … Read more

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