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How Facebook affects your Privacy decisions

Are you aware of how many applications access your personal information on Facebook? Check your applications permissions and ready for a surprise! Facebook continues to “improve” their design so that we can install applications without realizing that we allow access to personal information. In fact the access to our information and identity is the currency that Facebook uses for trading and that’s also what is driving its stock up or down. We shouldn’t be surprised that Facebook made through the … Read more

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Equivalence between UNIX and Windows file permissions

For those of you who develop or deliver WordPress websites on Windows, it is difficult to get relevant information about file permissions. Unfortunately, the reality is that most servers run on UNIX or Linux enviroments, and these are well documented. We had these problems ourselves, given the fact that we chose to host our website on a less popular platform. So we decided to write an article about it and thus to help those who have similar problems. First of … Read more

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