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Google Chrome – Recommended Settings

Next in the series of recommended settings is Google Chrome. We previously wrote about it and we were accused of being subjective and that we favor this browser. All we can say is that we will write about each browser separately. So, let’s start. The Installation: The installation process is relatively simple. But you have to pay attention to two settings. Under the Google Chrome Terms of Service that Google will ask you to read and accept, you will find … Read more

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Yahoo! Messenger – Recommended Settings

Starting today we will make a series of tutorials with recommended settings for different applications. The first in this series is Yahoo! Messenger. This is one of the most used programs, but also one of the most annoying (with the default settings). The Installation: In this section we will not cover the installation process step by step, but instead we highlight the settings that you need to make when installing. Many applications have options to install toolbars or other additional … Read more

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Equivalence between UNIX and Windows file permissions

For those of you who develop or deliver WordPress websites on Windows, it is difficult to get relevant information about file permissions. Unfortunately, the reality is that most servers run on UNIX or Linux enviroments, and these are well documented. We had these problems ourselves, given the fact that we chose to host our website on a less popular platform. So we decided to write an article about it and thus to help those who have similar problems. First of … Read more

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Gigabit Wireless – Did I heard right?

The Wireless N standard barely got implemented and this year they announced two new standards that promise data rates measurable in gigabits per second. Yes you heard right, gigabits per second! This week at CES were presented two new wireless standards, 802.11ac and 802.11ad respectively. Both standards being capable of gigabit transfer speeds. The new Wi-Fi standards will work in two different frequencies, respectively 5GHz for 802.11ac and 60GHz for 802.11ad. First one can reach data rates up to 1.3 … Read more

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