Yahoo! Messenger – Recommended Settings

Setari Recomandate Yahoo! Messenger 00Starting today we will make a series of tutorials with recommended settings for different applications. The first in this series is Yahoo! Messenger. This is one of the most used programs, but also one of the most annoying (with the default settings).

The Installation:

In this section we will not cover the installation process step by step, but instead we highlight the settings that you need to make when installing. Many applications have options to install toolbars or other additional applications. Some of which could damage the operating system (viruses, spyware, malware, etc).

During the installation process, Yahoo! Messenger will automatically set Yahoo website as the homepage and also as the default search engine in your browser. In addition to this, it will also install Yahoo! Toolbar, which is not necessary and significantly slows down the loading time of your browser. And the Yahoo! BrowserPlus add-on is only necessary if you use the Yahoo email service.

So, in step 1 of the installation (Step 1 of 4 – FIG 1A, FIG 1B), click Custom Install to display the advanced options and then uncheck the boxes for:

  • Yahoo! Toolbar;
  • Yahoo! BrowserPlus;
  • Make my browser home page and,
  • Make Yahoo! My browser’s default search engine and install Yahoo! Search Protection* to alert me of any attemts to change it.

Setari Recomandate Yahoo Messenger FIG 1A, 1BThen click the Next button to finish installation.

The Settings:

When starting, Yahoo! Messenger displays a lot of unnecessary windows. The problem is that these windows will start every time you open Messenger and this will become quite annoying.

Setari Recomandate Yahoo! Messenger FIG 2First, we start with hiding parts of Yahoo! Messenger to make the contact list more visible and accessible. To do this, click the Messenger menu, then Show/Hide and uncheck Plug-ins and Yahoo! Search Bar. To further clean the interface, click the X button in the box that advices you to connect your Facebook to Yahoo! Messenger.

To make the rest of the settings you have to go to the same Messenger menu then click Preferences. Yahoo! Messenger Preferences window will appear. Here, under the General tab, uncheck Automatically start Yahoo! Messenger to prevent application to start with Windows, then uncheck Show Yahoo! Messenger Insider to prevent Messenger Insider window to start every time you open Yahoo! Messenger. (FIG 3A)

If you want Yahoo! Messenger to make no sound, under Alerts & Sounds tab, uncheck Enable alert sounds. Also in this section you can turn off the notifications in the bottom right of the screen by unchecking Showing a message at the bottom right corner of screen. (FIG 3B)

Setari Recomandate Yahoo! Messenger FIG 3A, 3BUnder the Appearance tab you can press the red button next to Change Skin to change the theme of the application (FIG 4A). To see a more compact contact list, select Compact view beneath the Messenger List (FIG 4B).

Setari Recomandate Yahoo! Messenger FIG 4A, 4BFor a better connection and higher transfer speed for the files, it’s recommended to change the connection type to reflect the Internet connection you have. Under the Connection tab, beneath Internet connection, choose High-speed (T1/LAN) and choose the country where you are located, under Home country. We recommend High-speed (T1/LAN) because it is the most common type of connection in our country. If instead you have a modem that connects to the cable (TV antenna), then choose Broadband (DSL/Cable), or if the modem is connected via the telephone to the Internet, then choose Dial-Up. (FIG 5A)

If you do not wish certain people to contact you, or if you are contacted by people who are not in your contact list, under the Ignore List tab select Ignore anyone who is not in my Yahoo! Contacts. Now strangers will not be able to contact you. They can message you only if you add them in your contact list. (FIG 5B)

Setari Recomandate Yahoo! Messenger FIG 5A, 5BUnder the Messages tab, uncheck Show messages from background windows at bottom right of screen to stop Yahoo! Messenger to show the messages from people you are talking with, in the bottom right corner. And if you don’t like the new tabbed interface in Yahoo! Messenger 11.5, you can select the option Show the messages in separate windows, then uncheck Open new message windows in a tab to bring back the old way to chat, with separate windows for each conversation. (FIG 6A)

If you don’t want everyone to know that you’ve turned on your webcam, uncheck Showing my webcam, and displays this message: View My Webcam under the Privacy tab. A similar option you can find under the Webcam Broadcast tab, by unchecking When I show my webcam, change my status message to: View My Webcam. (FIG 6B)

Setari Recomandate Yahoo! Messenger FIG 6A, 6BThe last setting you need to do is to uncheck the Show this message in the future from the window that appears when you click the X button from the main window of Yahoo! Messenger. This window will warn you that the main window was closed, but that Yahoo! Messenger is still open and it indicates the place where you can access it (in the System Tray – bottom right).

So much for Yahoo! Messenger. If you have any questions, post them in the comments section below. Good luck with the settings!


  1. Stefan says:

    Hello, I have a problem with YM: I cant call with voice call another user from my list. Can you help me? Here is a printscreen with settings:
    Thank you!

    • From all that I see, you’re trying to call yourself. Of course that won’t work, that’s why the microphone is grayed out. Also, trying to call a phone number requires you to actually have credit, it’s not the same as making a call from YM to YM.

      If you really have a problem try to reinstall Yahoo Messenger. If the problem persists, maybe there’s a firewall rule that prevents your YM to make a voice connection. Make sure TCP/UDP ports 5000 through 5010 are not blocked by the firewall, for voice connection and also TCP port 5100 for webcam. Chat usually uses TCP 5050 and for the rest of functionality TCP 80, but port 80 is what your browser uses to display webpages, so since you got that screenshot uploaded to the Internet I assume port 80 is fine. You should check the others though.

      And keep in mind that YM usually has this sorts of problems with sound. I recommend you to use Skype instead.

  2. Razvan says:

    Buna ziua am o problema acolo unde scrie sa dau sa mi se vada webcamul am bifat optiunea view my webcam dupa ce am introdus camera in usb in spate la pc si nu imi imi afiseaza nimik!! Ce trebuie sa fac?? astept raspuns!!

    • Ai putea de exemplu sa-ti instalezi driverele la webcam mai intai. Optiunea aia cu “View My Webcam” nu are nici o legatura cu functionarea camerei insusi. Optiunea aia este doar pentru a arata prietenilor din lista atunci cand ai webcam-ul pornit. Eu recomand debifarea acelei optiuni pentru ca daca vrei sa ai o conversatie privata, in care doar persoana cu care vorbesti sa aiba acces la webcam-ul tau, toata lista va vedea ca ai webcam-ul pornit.

      Cat despre functionalitatea camerei, trebuie mai intai sa instalezi driverele inainte ca tu sa o poti folosi. Inainte sa instalezi driverele, deconecteaza webcam-ul de la PC, instaleaza driverele de pe CD (sau de pe net), apoi cand ti se cere (in procesul de instalare) sa conectezi camera, abia atunci o conectezi. Daca nu respecti procedura si instalezi sau ai instalat driverele cu webcam-ul conectat, nu o sa-ti mearga. O sa vezi doar un ecran negru sau gri. Daca ai instalat deja driverele si ai problema asta, dezinstaleaza-le din Control Panel, da un restart la PC si reia procedura cu camera deconectata, asa cu ti-am explicat eu.

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