FlyingBit Password Keeper

FlyingBit Password Keeper LoginHave you ever had trouble remembering a password? You have too many online accounts and it’s impossible to remember all the confidential details? I bet most of you have encountered at least once this problem! Maybe some of you have the habit to note and document such confidential information to a notebook or a computer text file. But what happens when you lose the notebook or someone copies the text file from your computer? Is your data are safe? Most likely not. So the recommended solution to this problem is to use a password manager.

What is a password manager ? A password manager is a program that helps users to organize passwords, PINs, bank account numbers and other confidential information. The program normally has a local encrypted database or file that contains all this information. Also many of these programs have an automatic function for filling forms with the necessary information.

So to solve this problem, we present FlyingBit Password Keeper. This is a secure organizer for passwords and accounts, which allows you to store PINs, bank account numbers, passwords and other confidential information in an encrypted database. For encryption, you can choose one of the encryption algorithms: AES (Rijndael) with 128 and 256 bit keys; Blowfish (64-bit block cipher and 256-bit key) and Twofish (128-bit block cipher and 256-bit key). My recommendation is to use 256-bit AES or Twofish with 128-bit block cipher and 256-bit key.

Flyingbit Password Keeper UIThe application comes with a simple and enjoyable user interface. You don’t have to be an advanced user to figure out how it works. Probably the hardest part is to transfer all information from the notebook into electronic format, but once this operation is completed, you will see life with different eyes. No more problems with the storing and memorizing of passwords and accounts! After you enter all information in the database, don’t forget to save and encrypt the database with one of the encryption algorithms listed above.

In terms of portability, you’ll be surprised to find out that the application can be easily installed on any memory stick. You can save a database on that kind of volume without any problems, but remember before you do this to make a copy of the database on the computer, to make sure you don’t lose all the data if you lose your memory stick. So your data is perfectly safe, even if the memory stick is on unwanted hands. The database is encrypted and password protected and the encryption algorithms used are almost impossible to crack. About 250 trillion years is needed to break an algorithm like 256-bit AES with the most powerful super-computer on the planet today.

FlyingBit Password Keeper also supports multiple databases, so if there are more users on the same computer or if there’s any other reason for you to want more databases, this is not be a problem. The changing of the database is done very easily through a logout from the program and by choosing another database.

Another important feature is the erasing of information from the clipboard, to avoid storing data in RAM and to prevent you to forget about that data. The copy/paste operation lasts only for 10 seconds, after this time that data is automatically deleted from memory and you have to resume the operation. The erasing time can be changed and can have values between 0 and 100 seconds.

The downside is that the program doesn’t come with a function to back-up or restore the database, this operation depends entirely on the user. Also the program comes only in three languages (English, Russian and Ukrainian), unfortunately does not support Romanian.

FlyingBit Password Keeper is a free application, very useful for storing confidential information and can be downloaded here.


  1. Ovidiu U says:

    Pare dragut programul dar acum (2012) cred ca mult mai util e ceva de genul LastPass.
    Cel putin pentru mine care lucrez pe comp, acasa stau pe comp si folosesc si un smartphone. Avantajul lastpass e ca toate parolele sunt la ei, bine criptate si il poti folosi ca password manager in toate browserele inclusiv iphone.

    • Programul nu este vechi, dupa cum vezi, articolul este scris in 2012. Sigur, LastPass poate fi o solutie mult mai utila, dar pentru oamenii care nu doresc sa-si stocheze parolele in cloud, Password Keeper este o solutie destul de decenta. Mai ales ca poate stoca bazele de date si pe un stick USB. Eu momentan folosesc aplicatia si am back-up pe server in mod constant, deci nu-mi fac griji in privinta pierderii datelor. Problema e ca nu e la fel de comoda, in ceea ce priveste mobilitatea, dar pot instala programul pe un stick si il pot lua cu mine oriunde.

      Ma gandeam sa incerc Dashlane Password Manager, care ofera o aplicatie, care pastreaza datele in cloud, dar care poate fi instalata pe desktop, tableta sau telefon. Sincer nu prefer stocarea parolelor intr-o aplicatie care foloseste browser-ul. Nu e chiar secure din punctul asta de vedere.

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