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Facebook TimelineIt’s been a while since Facebook launched, the already famous, Timeline. And as we promised, we returned with an article about this new and especially controversial feature of Facebook. Controversial because (among others) most of the changes made ​​by Facebook in the past were not very successful features.

So for those of you who don’t know what it is, Timeline is a Facebook application that allows a new way to display information on your profile. This allows you to see information posted on Facebook along a thread of time (timeline). Thus all the information posted on Facebook will be more easily accessible due to the more attractive display, posts being displayed based also on popularity, not only according to the date of posting.

One of the new features we liked, is the cover picture, which can represent you much better than does the profile picture. It’s the first thing people see when visiting your profile. Another feature is the splitting into two columns of content, which are separated by a thread of time, around which all the action takes place. Also with the new Timeline, comes new applications that structure the content in a more attractive and dynamic way.

From the security point of view, Timeline does not complicate things, but doen’t simplify them either. All the settings that applied to the information available to friends, continue to apply in exactly the same way. A small addition being that now you can hide some events from Timeline, by clicking the pencil at the top right corner of the event (post). In contrast, by clicking the star next to the pencil, the event will occupy two columns instead of one. Another plus is that the Timeline does not show everything you do on Facebook. Instead you have a button called “Activity Log” under the cover picture, where you can see all the activity and information and it’s accessible only to you. You can check or uncheck the events that you consider worthy of Timeline.

No, it’s not the time to start worrying about your privacy, as various informations on the Internet claim, that the new Timeline will make everything public. Fortunately those are unfounded and even false information. This kind of information emerged precisely because the Timeline is so controversial. Many of the websites that post such information, are trying to convince users not to make the change. We are not trying to convince you to make changes or not, but it’s good to know.

I personally think that Timeline is one of the good changes that Facebook ever made over time. However, it’s not perfect. There is still room for future improvements. A drawback is that the featured pages that are associated with the owners, are not visible anymore in the new interface. These can be accessed only from the “About” section. Obviously this is a problem that affects only owners of public pages, trying to promote their business, organization or blog with the help of Facebook. But with the pages, the family ties are now also hidden. Some of you will be glad about this, others will not.

The new interface has already been launched, and over time it will activate itself for all users on Facebook, like it or not. Sadly Facebook, as always, did not made this change optional. But if you are eager and curious for the new interface, please visit the official page dedicated to the Timeline, where you can see the presentation, and also where you can activate it. Please note, however, once activated, it will allow you seven days before publication, to remove the pictures, or events you do not want to appear in the Timeline. After those seven day, Timeline will automatically activate, making this new interface visible to all of your friends. Once enabled, the Timeline cannot be disabled! So take that into consideration before doing this step!


  1. TeK 9 says:

    Super informatiile! :D Nimeni nu ne poate informa mai bine decat tine. :D :P
    Good luck for the future! :D ;)

  2. Deya says:

    Facebook vechi ALL the wayyyy!! Raman la opinia mea. Timeline make stalkers’ life easier… too damn easier.

  3. gaby says:

    Buna! De fiecare data cand incerc sa pun o poza “cover” ,aceasta nu se salveaza desi i-am dat “save”. Cand intru din nou pe pagina mea,in locul pozei “cover” apare doar alb .Din ce cauza?

    • Se pare ca este un bug de la Facebook… Asa am patit si eu prima oara cand am activat Timeline-ul. Incearca sa modifici poza intr-un program de editare (gen Photoshop) si sa-i schimbi dimensiunile, sau sa o optimizezi pentru web (in PS – File > Save for Web & Devices). Daca nu merge nici asa, incearca pana reusesti (asa am facut eu).

      PS: Sper ca uploadezi poza, daca folosesti o poza deja existenta, atunci salveaza poza in calculator si fa ce ti-am spus eu mai sus.

  4. Alexandra says:

    Buna te rog frumos ma poti ajuta? Nu mai vreau acest timeline… Exista vreo cale sa il dezactivez? Din greseala am dat sa se activezee si nu vreau. :( Te rog ajuta-ma!

    • Din pacate noi nu putem ajuta pe fiecare in parte, dar daca cauti pe Google “how to disable facebook timeline” o sa gasesti o gramada de sfaturi si de hack-uri. Noi nu am scris despre cum sa dezactivezi Timeline pentru ca toate aceste hack-uri iti vor strica profilul de Facebook permanent si ireparabil. Daca vrei sa incerci, incerci pe raspunderea ta si in cunostinta de cauza.

  5. Alexandra says:

    Scuze… Acum am citit mai bine ca nu mai poate fi dezactivat. :( Va trebui sa imi fac alt Facebook. :( O seara buna. :X

  6. Mirabela says:

    Buna Daniel Dogeanu!! Imi poti spune cum sa-mi pun din nou Facebook Timeline? Din nervi l-am dezactivat si vreau sa-l pun din nou. L-am descarcat cu ajutorul unui program de pe net. :( Te rog sa ma ajuti! :D

    • Motivul principal pentru care nu am scris despre cum sa dezactivezi Timeline-ul este pentru ca nu il mai poti recupera. Daca l-ai dezactivat, din pacate ti-ai stricat tot contul de Facebook. Ai putea sa incerci sa te duci pe pagina lor oficiala aici, apoi sa faci click pe “Get Timeline” (din bara de jos, in partea dreapta). Daca nu ti-a dat nici o eroare dupa asta, tot ce mai trebuie sa faci este sa te duci pe profilul tau si sa faci click pe “Publish Now”. Inainte sa faci asta, dezinstaleaza-ti aplicatia cu care ai dezactivat Timeline-ul din browser. Daca nu merge cum ti-am spus eu, ai putea sa incerci sa dai Report Bug. Desi slabe sanse sa-ti mai recuperezi Timeline-ul si profilul.

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