Facebook is not a dating site, it’s a People Directory

Facebook PeopleA few days ago, while reading an article about User Interaction (in Web Design), I had a revelation. In that article there was a link to a video in which Chris Cox (VP of Product at Facebook), was talking about what Facebook actually wants to be.

“If you think about Facebook as a blue and white college dating site, you’re making a mistake. If you look underneath that, what you will see is the seed of the first ever collaboratively created Directory of People.” – Chris Cox

Of course, I never thought that Facebook could be a dating site, but that doesn’t mean that Facebook is not a place to meet new and interesting people. Facebook is very useful in so many ways. It is a place where you can be heard, where you can show who you are, what you do and what your passions are.

Facebook is a People Directory

This is actually the reason why employers are seeking information about you on Facebook. But you must not take it as a threat, but rather as an opportunity. I’ve seen many people who hide their personal information and do their best not to be found, or worse, provide no information at all to Facebook.

Even worse is that I had potential clients who wanted to use my services and I refused them because they had teddy bears or kittens as their profile picture and absolutely no information about them, which makes it incredibly hard to trust them for any kind of collaboration. Even if they had good intentions and were serious about doing business.

My advice is to provide some public information, you never know what opportunities may arise. Just as Chris Cox said, each profile must be the equivalent to a 5-minute conversation with a stranger and should contain details about who you are, where you live, where you work, what are your passions and especially some pictures of you which demonstrate that you are a real person.

Facebook is a tool and should be used as such. A tool that helps you being discovered. A tool that helps you reach more people with your ideas and passions. A tool that helps you promote yourself and maybe even achieve your dreams.

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