About Us

Blue Smoke is a website created out of passion for technology and it focuses on constructive criticism, highlighting particular problems and their resolution. Here we talk about anything relating to computers, networking, software, hardware, Internet and technology in general. We focus mainly on reviewing and debating hardware and software problems. Also, here you will find tutorials for solving some of these problems.

Why Blue Smoke?

NVIDIA SmokeBlue smoke (or magic smoke) is the smoke produced by malfunctioning electronic circuits. The origins of the magic smoke have become a joke that started among electrical engineers and technicians before being adopted more recently by programmers. The real origin is a black plastic epoxy material which is used to wrap most common semiconductor devices such as transistors and integrated circuits. When they get burnt, they produce a blue colored smoke.                                                  

Magic Smoke in ActionThe idea of ​​using this name came from the fact that we test the software and hardware components (or products) before writing about them and, obviously, sometimes unexpected things happen.

Of course, we don’t test all the applications or hardware. Some of them we use in everyday life and we speak from our own experience about them, even if sometimes with this blue smoke (hopefully, as little as possible).

Who writes on Blue Smoke?

Daniel Dogeanu Profile ImageDaniel Dogeanu

Daniel is a Web Designer, Web Developer, Entrepreneur, and the founder of this website (on which he writes since 2010). He is passionate about IT and technology in general and has over 10 years experience in this field. He also holds two Cisco certifications in Networking and Network Security (CCNA & CCNA Security).

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