How to disable ads on Skype

In today’s article I will show you how to disable the annoying ads that appear on Skype, in the bottom of the contact list, chat window, or when making a video call.

Skype ads fall into two categories. First category and most easy to disable: the promotions that appear on the bottom of the contact list. The Skype tips that help you learn how to use the program also show up in this area. The second category are the ads that appear in the chat window or when you make a video call.

The ads from the contact list

As I said above, the first category of advertising is the most easy to disable. All you have to do is go to the Tools menu in the Skype window and click on Options… . In the Options window that appears, click the Notification Settings tab on the left, then click Alert & Messages and uncheck Help and Skype tips and Promotions, and after that, click Save.

Skype Alerts & Messages

The ads from the chat and video window

To disable the ads in the chat and video windows, you must open Control Panel and go to the Network and Internet section, then click Internet Options. In the window that appears, go to the Security tab and then click on Restricted Sites. Here, you click on the Sites button and add in the restricted sites list. Now close Internet Options and restart Skype.

Internet Options Security Tab

You can also open Internet Options from Internet Explorer, by clicking the settings wheel from the right side of the browser.

I don’t know how long this option will work. I assume that Microsoft will fix this hack pretty soon. Until then, I hope this tutorial is helpful and I’ll see you in the comments section below.


  1. Maria Droujkova says:

    Skype just updated today, and the Internet Options part stopped working for me. Do you know if they moved ads from – and if so, how do I find the new one?

    • I have the latest version and it still works, it seems it has no problem. Maybe the update process deleted your blocked sites entry. You should do it again. Also, make sure you type the address correctly. That’s very important. If for example you type http:// instead of https://, it won’t work.

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