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Facebook discovered fake Digital Certificates while observing SSL connections

A group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with Facebook, analyzed more than 3 million SSL connections and found strong evidence that at least 0.2% (6845) of them are made using forged Digital Certificates (self-signed certificates), which are not authorized by a legitimate Certification Authority, but which can be accepted as valid certificates for most browsers. They used Flash Player plugin to enable socket functionality and implement a partial SSL handshake to capture the forged certificates. In general, … Read more

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Gigabit Wireless – Did I heard right?

The Wireless N standard barely got implemented and this year they announced two new standards that promise data rates measurable in gigabits per second. Yes you heard right, gigabits per second! This week at CES were presented two new wireless standards, 802.11ac and 802.11ad respectively. Both standards being capable of gigabit transfer speeds. The new Wi-Fi standards will work in two different frequencies, respectively 5GHz for 802.11ac and 60GHz for 802.11ad. First one can reach data rates up to 1.3 … Read more

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